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cnapicClass Criteria

You must pass 4 criteria to be accepted into the CNA class.

  • Pass a drug screen
  • Have no history of prohibited criminal offenses.
  • If you have previously been a CNA or STNA, be able to pass a Health Sanction Background check.
  • Have 2 good work history or professional references (ie: coach, teacher.)

The fee for this class is approximately $600.00. This is non-refundable.   Ask about tuition, financial assistance and other work opportunity subsidies that may be available!

You cannot miss any classes or clinicals. If you miss a class or clinical, you cannot complete the program and you will not receive a refund.

Employment During and After Clinicals

  • There is no guarantee on shift or full time employment.
  • There is no guarantee on the facility that you will be placed.
  • We will take all preferences into consideration when placing for clinicals.

For more information, please contact our office.

2019 Class Schedule

Upcoming CNA class schedule information:

Class Schedule:
Monday August 26 (5-9pm)
Wednesday August 28 (5-9pm)
Tuesday September 3 (5-9pm)
Wednesday September 4 (5-9pm) Receive Clinical Assignments
Monday September 9 (5-9pm)
Wednesday September 11 (5-9pm)
Monday September 30 (5-9pm) Review for Final
Wednesday October 2 (5-9pm) Final Exam

***80 hours of clinicals are required and may begin after September 4. Clinical hours are flexible and can be scheduled for morning or afternoon hours. American Heart Association BLS CPR is required for this course and will be completed during class hours.

***Schedule subject to change if needed to accommodate needs of students/instructor

*Company Restrictions Apply

Payment Options

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