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“Since 1996, R & R Employment, Inc. has specialized in matching the right employee to the right job. Our company focuses on successful recruitment and retention solutions for all segments of business.”

We have been chosen by 75 local companies to recruit the best employees for their industry. Benefits are available! contact any of our branches today to learn more!

“This company got me a good job” – Brent

“They are great to work with” – Bill W.

“Friendly atmosphere. Awesome ladies.” – Joseph C.

“great people and they get you the job you want” – NL

“The employment and staffing model is dynamic. Employers and employees need a partner that stays ahead of the demands – not just keeps up with them. Employers want human resource partners who can fulfill not only their recruitment needs successfully, but offer retention and other HR solutions that make their organizations profitable and efficient.

Employees need a staffing partner that offers a true partnership based on their personal and professional needs. We specialize in bridging the gap between employees and employers.”

-Leslie A. Reilly-Green, CSP